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Chevron Nigeria Limited


Olero Creek & Warri, Delta State

Nigerian Westminster Dredging and Marine Ltd

Olero Creek Restoration

In November 2010 Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) awarded the contract to refurbish this facility to Saipem Contracting Nigeria Limited (SCNL) with Nigerian Westminster Dredging and Marine Limited (NWDM) as subcontractor. The Olero Creek Restoration Project (OCR) is a 70 million US$ construction and commissioning subcontract. The scope of work is the refurbishment and reinstatement of the North Water Station (NWS) and its hook up to the interconnecting piping at Olero Creek.

The North Water Station concrete barge in front of NWDM quay wall, Warri

The North Water Station concrete barge in front of NWDM quay wall, Warri

The scope involves fabrication, installation, transportation, testing, hook-up, commissioning and start-up.

The Olero Creek facilities were vandalized during a period of civil unrest in 2003 and further detoriated the following years.

The Olero Creek facilities are located in the Olero Creek Field in OML-49 lease and consist of:

  • The North Flow Station (NFS), including production separation and oil shipping 
  • The North Water Station (NWS), including water treating and injection
  • The North Compression Station (NCS), including gas compression and dehydration
  • Quarters and Utilities Station (QUS), including accommodations, power generation and utilities

The coordinates of the North Water Station (NWS) in the Olero Creek are:

  • Latitude:        05 degree 51 minutes 28.6811 seconds
  • Longitude:     05 degree 07 minutes 55.4051 seconds

These four gravity-based concrete barges are connected by Interconnecting Piping (ICP) along a bridge. The North Flow Station (NFS) together with a temporary production system called the Benin River Flow Station is transporting oil and water from Olero Creek to the CNL facilities at Escravos.

The Olero Creek facilities were vandalised during a period of civil unrest in 2003 and further deteriorated the years thereafter.  The subject contract covered the refurbishment of the North Flow Station (NFS) and the North Water Station (NWS).

NWDM General scope of work

The NWDM scope of work consisted of the refurbishment of existing equipment and installation of new equipment on the North Water Station (NWS) at the NWDM Merogun yard in Warri and the transportation, installation, hook-up, commissioning and start-up at the Olero Creek location on completion of the refurbishment works. The NWS is a concrete gravity based barge with dimension 51.92m x 24.44m x 4.27m. The barge arrived at the NWDM yard in December 2010.

For a complete project description, download the project sheet (PDF).