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Ondo State Oil Producing Area Development Commision's


Ondo State, Nigeria


Ondo State Channel Dredging

Ondo State Oil Producing Area Development Commission (OSOPADEC), an interventionist agency created by the Ondo State government of Nigeria for the development of the oil producing coastal area of the state, awarded a contract for the maintenance dredging of Idiogba-Ilowo-Ilepete canal to Nigerian Westminster Dredging and Marine Limited (NWDM).

Cutter Suction Dredger "Bonny"

The canal network, dredged several years ago by NWDM, is heavily silted up which makes the use of the waterways by the local communities almost impossible. The canal section from Idiogba through Ilowo to Ilepete is part of the main canal from Araromi to Odunoyibo, near Awoye along the coastal area of Ondo State. The project objective is to accelerate the economic and general development of the area by providing safe navigational access for the communities.

The project started in April 2011. It involved an initial minimal dredging to site from Ugbonla, about 3.7km, due to access problems. The work is being executed with a Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD), WD Bonny Dredge.  A total of approximately 900.000 m3 of materials have so far been dredged on the main canal and other canal sections. The works also included the blocking of two sea inlet canals to prevent the inflow of silt back into the canals.

As part of our corporate social responsibility to the host community in particular and the state in general, a Malaria Prevention and Control campaign was sponsored by NWDM within its area of operation, in collaboration with an international NGO, Family Care Association. Over 200 health workers and 3,016 community agents were also trained in malaria prevention and control. Over 2,000 Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets were freely distributed in the riverine communities of Ugbonla, Aiyetoro and Ilowo, in addition to free rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) and free malaria medication for those who tested positive, with emphasis on pregnant women and children.

The company also played host to an excursion involving the students of the Faculty of Mines, Federal University of Technology, Akure.  They were taught the practical basics of dredging by the NWDM site superintendent  while the site surveyor also took the students through the practical aspects of Hydrographic or Bathymetric survey as it relates to dredging. He showed them the gathering of data through the use of the echosounder.