Nigerian Content

Nigerian Content is defined as the quantum of composie value added to, or created in the Nigerian economy through a deliberate utilization of Nigerian human and material resources and services, without compromising quality, health, safety and environmental standards, in order to stimulate the development of indigenous capabilities and capacities.

NWDM is commited to build and develop the future Nigeria, reducing poverty and unemployment and improve the capacity development in our workfield. We have done this succesfully over the past 60 years and will continue our contribution to the Nigerian economy by:

  • Maximizing the employment and utilization of Nigerians at all levels in its organization and for project execution;
  • Transferring technology to Nigerians, to develop indigenous capabilities and capacities, in the course of its operations;
  • Maximizing indigenous contractors participation in procurement and sub-contracting activities which must be consistent with our QHSE and business principles.

As a result of the long term presence in Nigeria of NWDM, we have a sustainable local organisation and infrastructure on ground and a vast network of local suppliers and subcontractors to fully support the projects in Nigeria. Our total workforce consists of more as 90% Nigerians at all levels in our organisation. We therefore believe that choosing NWDM for your needs is commiting yourself to Nigerian Content Development.