Coastal defense and riverbank protection

Carrying out coastal defense works to stabilise shorelines and to protect them from erosion and flooding is one of NWDM speciality. The company has been involved in many such projects from the construction of groyne structures at Forcados, to simpler slope protection works on inland waterways.

Our most recent project is the protection of the riverbed in front of SPDC Gbaran Ubie Integrated Oil and Gas Project.

Loading of dumptrucks at NWDM rock supply base
Loading of dumptrucks at NWDM rock supply base

Beach nourishment to combat against ocean surges or for tourism development has been carried out by NWDM over the years. Foremost have been the works at Bar Beach, Lagos to protect the coastline, enhance the beach for leisure activities and halt the ongoing erosion of the Lagos State Coastline in front of Victoria Island.

Beach nourishment or groyne construction could be the solution for the ongoing coastline erosion of other parts of the Lagos State Coastline and other vulnerable parts of the Nigerian Coastline. With our in-house engineering company Hydronamic bv, we could provide a taylor-made solution of excellent quality.